Sewn Together By Men (Poetry Reading)

Sewn Together By Men

fall 2017

the pattern of male praise
came in a ziplock bag
I found it
and it looked like
the length of my legs
the shape of my smile
the dots on my body
and the look in my eyes
because of them
I cannot see myself
the same again

I am sewn together by words given to me
a collaborative piece of art
sewn together by the men of my past
my outline was traced
with the praise from my brothers and father

stitch by stich
word by word
who said that men cannot sew?
I am a masterpiece of their thoughts
a manifestation of their careful attention

just like you, I want to admit that I can be on my own
and I want to believe I’d be better off

but again, just like you,
I don’t want to rip my stitches apart
I don’t want to have to sew it over again
on my own


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