Taurus SZN 2020, Cosmic Cue

The New Moon in Taurus is at 3° today, Wednesday, April 22 and it is conjunct Uranus, the planet of surprise! The season may bring in sudden changes and innovation. Expect the unexpected.

We should take a look at our personal goals, relationships to money and the comfort within our own homes. Let’s make some changes as we transition into summer! We might consider shifting our daily routines & environments to provide security & patience.

Mercury will speed through Aries, Taurus and Gemini. Mars is starting out in Aquarius and will soon shift into Pisces. There will be FOUR planets going retrograde this month! Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are going retrograde in Capricorn. Venus will retrograde in Gemini.

Read about how all of this affects you below. Read your Sun sign… duh. BUT don’t forget to read your RISING sign, too! That is, if you know it…

If you don’t (and you are interested in a personalized New Moon Horoscope), you can purchase your very first Cosmic Cue starter package by Jacquii. Cosmic Cues are astrological readings that provide guidance through your wellness journey with your birth chart. You *must* begin with the starter package to receive special New Moon Horoscopes.

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Right now is a wonderful time to set new intentions to last throughout the month. Whatever those goals are is ALL. UP. TO. YOU! But… here’s some advice from Jacquii:

I hope you aren’t getting too overwhelmed with everything going on. This month, you should focus on self-love and how you express it through your day-to-day duties. Communicate your expectations, especially when it comes to how you feel appreciated and cared for within your career and relationships. Take a mental-health break so you can re-align with yourself. You can rest. In fact, relaxation may bring in rewards you do not expect. But, you’ll only receive those rewards if you RELAX!

Happy Birthday Season, you terrific Taurus you!! I hope you enjoy this month! You are starting a whole new cycle but… in order to come into these new beginnings, you must first find closures and patch things up in the old cycle. This is a time to transform yourself, especially within your everyday life. People are admiring your energy and they can notice that extra hop in your step. Make sure that this energy is aligned with your bigger goals in life. Are you sure you want this day-job or are you waiting for a sign to shake that $h!t up???? Well. Here it is. Let’s do this!

This COVID-shit is really cramping your social style, huh Gemini?? Well, don’t fret! It’s happening at a time when the universe is BEGGING you to slow tf down! You don’t have to identify through the relationships you miss maintaining. Instead, you can take the time this during this month (and the isolation) to make sure the people you’re spending time/energy on are well worth it all. You must be getting restless, especially with your birthday creeping in… But if you take the time right now to conserve energy, it’ll be that much better to use it more intentionally next month! Sit tight. Delayed gratification is magical.

This month is a great time for you to open yourself up a little more. Use your mind to expand higher awareness by putting your feelings into words for the world (or one person) to read. People want to hear you. They want to engage with your expressions but you need to transform your internal fire into a torch of inspiration. Your ability to harbor deep emotions will serve as a valuable tool. If you need to, take an internal break but plan to only ~*after*~ you’ve put yourself out there. Allow yourself to reach outside of yourself with the promise that you’ll return to introversion later on (next month maybe, idk).

You need to develop higher awareness on the society around you and your relationship with it. Take a moment to think about the larger community. I know it’s an isolating time, but where were you making an impact beforehand? It doesn’t have to be work/volunteer related but, whose lives were you engaged with? Are you still helping them out right now? How? Be creative about how you can provide a new kind of support right now. Your relationships and personal health are asking for your attention. This month, focus on the boundary between the larger community and those who are closer to you. Cater to what makes you feel happier & healthier.

It might be hard to imagine success within relationships right now, but you are destined for it this month. Everything is about nourishing your partnerships whether they’re personal or business. Maybe you have to find a new definition for success, but you embody the right type of adaptability. You’ve already thought about a million different ways to make adjustments and changes. Perhaps you are worried to make the shift because of the opinions of others? Or maybe you’re discouraged by potential rejection? I encourage you to take a step back for a moment to look at the bigger picture. Notice that the main goal is much prettier than the dirty work of the details.

Is your to-do list running impossibly long right now, my little Libra? Are you caught in the details of your daily life? Your home is missing you. Your family wants you to settle down. You may not see it right now, but the closest relationships in your life are hungry for your focused attention. Work hard this month to think creatively about how you can fix this work/life balance. Take some time this month to find old photo albums, yearbooks and journals. Go way, way, way back! Digital memories do *not* count. Find those physical souvenirs of yours & force yourself to remember why you are working so hard right now. Your family understands but you need to understand this imbalance yourself.

Please, please take your health very seriously this month. Remember to take care of yourself because it’ll ensure your availability for the loved ones in your life. Focus on the gratitude you have for your life, family and loved ones and ask yourself, are you communicating this thankfulness to them? Take the time this month to write letters/e-mails, make phone calls and schedule video-calls. Reach out to the people who make a difference in your daily life. You don’t have to come up with a big gesture to let them know you care about them. Just a simple, “I love you because you make me laugh” or “it’s so wonderful to hear your voice” will be satisfying.

You need to think about yourself within context to others, you sassy Sagg. You matter… BUT, the people you maintain relationships with matter, too. Don’t forget the magic of consistency within communication. Take a look at your day-to-day routines and decide on some changes you can make. Who are you showing up for? Are you taking actions for yourself, for your inner circle or for your community at large? What are the deeper intentions behind your daily duties? Balance the focus on yourself with the appreciation for & communication with others. They will help you.

Ground yourself within this month, my sweet Cappy. Find the soles of your feet and notice the tension within your shoulders. Be grateful for your home and your health. Who you are begins with where you live, who you talk to and how you spend your days. Settle down! Stabilize your daily routine! Spice up your home life! But don’t lose yourself to the satisfaction of control within your career. Yes, you’re a hard worker. Yes, you thrive within productivity. No, you won’t die from relaxation.

Is your love life a shit show right now? Are you getting restless about socializing distantly? Do you have second thoughts about your career? If so, it’s okay to chill out. It’s okay to find ease within this chaos. In fact, you can come across a surprising satisfaction within this wild internal process. The planets want you to settle tf down. You may not want to but, the entire universe does. If you don’t take a break, you can potentially run into conflicts later on. Take a moment to look around and find peace within yourself. Know that you can admire the chaotic life with an objective lens.

Take this time to re-associate with your daily routines. Re-connect with how you spend your work days and the ways you spread love. Find the comfort in your home life but don’t be afraid to find new ways to socialize. How are you engaging with the larger community right now? Or are you just internalizing the COVID experience? You don’t have to be at big gatherings to be a social butterfly. In fact, you can find the happy medium between staying home and engaging with society through technology. You will be comfortable in your space but can grow through sharing it a little with others. They won’t bite.

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