Taurus SZN 2020, Cosmic Cue

The New Moon in Taurus is at 3° today, Wednesday, April 22 and it is conjunct Uranus, the planet of surprise! The season may bring in sudden changes and innovation. Expect the unexpected. We should take a look at our personal goals, relationships to money and the comfort within our own homes. Let’s make some … Continue reading Taurus SZN 2020, Cosmic Cue

Seagoat Sense (poetry reading)

Seagoat Sense summer 2019  I dive into the deep blue ocean of who I am and I don't look back I drown in the depths of women who came before me their souls suffocate my spirit and It tends to their wounds. Our dysfunction stung by salt. Our sins washed by sea. Why does this … Continue reading Seagoat Sense (poetry reading)